Rates and Program

What do you get each month?

• Expert guidance from an experienced teacher, mountain ultra runner, and certified UESCA coach.

 “Big Picture” training blocks backwards-planned from your target goal or event.  Help with season planning and race selection if you haven’t signed up already.

 Weekly running and strength program delivered through the Final Surge app, constantly adapted to your needs as you progress.

 “Biweekly Preview” email that outlines the goal and objective for your next two weeks, as well as where you are in both the smaller and larger cycles of your training program.  I am an avid writer and this is where I believe my offerings shine – these emails keep us both accountable to the training program and are the first line of communication between us.

Unlimited communication through the email and Final Surge comments along with one monthly phone call.  I use Calendly to easily schedule monthly calls so that we can both get a sense of training and progress, prepare for and debrief races, and catch up.

Access to the HRV4Training App pro level coaching panel which allows close monitoring of training load, adaptation, and fatigue using HRV.  This app and method is at the forefront of exercise and training science and has proved invaluable with my current athletes and myself.

Basic Plan = $175/month

Month-to-month billing, no contract, no start-up fee

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