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The Flowstate Approach focuses on being precise and efficient with training, favoring quality over quantity in runs and workouts. As you progress through your periodized training blocks, you will also move through a range of specificity in your training.  Your weeks will be centered around 2-3 precise and authentic workouts, with the remainder of the days filled with easy “Float” runs.

Your blocks that are far out from the race will be the least specific, and designed to strengthen your areas of weakness.  Usually for distance trail runners these are high intensity workouts designed to increase your VO2 Max.  The middle blocks of your training plan will be more specifically aligned toward your target race or event, while usually working on increasing your lactate threshold and efficiency running at tempo.  Finally the blocks closest to your race will mimic the race conditions as best we can, while developing the endurance gear that allows you to grind all day (and night).  

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