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Trail and ultrarunning requires a huge amount of patience, both in training and race execution, and the Flowstate Approach reflects this.  I build my training blocks using many layers of periodization.  Your program will be constructed of color-coded weeks, where the volume and intensity increase through 3-4 week cycles that allow for gains in fitness as well as recovery and adaptation.  Your season will progress through multiple training blocks, each focusing on a different aspect of your fitness and sets of skills as you assemble the pieces that complete the peak performance puzzle.  Finally your years will cycle too, with a proper break and recovery time at the end of each season to allow you to properly rebuild and soak in adaptations before heading into the next season stronger than before.  Race execution follows a similar approach, and we’ll work together to develop race strategies that make sure you don’t go out too fast and have plenty left in the tank for the finish, whether it’s a 30 or 350 km endeavor.

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